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Bored with normal Sudoku rules? Sudoku Revolution brings you new rules for Sudoku!

Sudoku Revolution contains several variations of Sudoku puzzles.

Basic Rule: Fill numbers in the board such that every row, column and region contains one occurrence of each number.

  • Normal Mode: Basic Sudoku Rules.
  • Jigsaw Mode: Regions are in arbitrary shape.
  • Even-Odd: some cells contain only even digit, others contain only odd digit
  • Hyper mode: 4 extra square regions
  • X Mode: Each of the Main Diagonals can only contain one occureence of a number.
  • Jigsaw-X Mode: Combination of Jigasw mode and X mode.

Free play through hundreds of levels.


  • 120 Levels for each Mode
  • Each Mode divided into 4 difficulty levels
  • 6 Different Modes
  • 4 Modes available for purchase


  • Show the occurrence of each number near the number buttons
  • “Hint” auto fills the board with memo that has no direct conflicts with other numbers
  • Highlight same numbers as you select a number on board
  • Also Highlight memo numbers as you select a number
  • Autosave the process of unfinished levels
  • Record best completion time for each level


  • Game Center Achievements
  • Try to complete as many levels as possible
  • ss1
  • ss2
  • ss3
  • ss4
  • ss5

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