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Summary of All Apps

Sudoku Revolution

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Sudoku Revolution 2

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Samurai Sudoku (iPad only)


Big Sudoku Collections (iPad only)

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Number Flow

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Number Flow +

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Ripple Effect

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Islands in the Stream


Islands in the Stream HD (iPad only)

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Mac Apps:

Sudoku Revolution for Mac

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Samurai Sudoku for Mac

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Puzzle Mania for Mac

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Islands in the Stream HD – Problem Fixed.

Icon-iPad-72There was a issue in ver 1.0 causing the game not playable. It is now fixed in the latest version (ver 1.0.1) . If you have purchased the old version, please uninstall it and download the new one from App Store.

Thank you.

Sudoku Revolution is now available for Android!

Sudoku Revolution for Android

Android app on Google Play

Islands in the Stream released!!

Island in the Stream

Are you looking for a new challenge? Are you a Sudoku fan? Try Islands in the Stream.

This game is a logic puzzle with interesting rules.
The challenge is to paint each grid blue or white, subject to the following rules:
1. Each number indicated the number of grids in that island.
2. Each island must contain exactly one numbered grid.
3. There must be only one stream, which is not allowed to contain “pools”, i.e. 2×2 area of black cells.

***** Game Features *****

# Content
– More than 500 unique puzzles
– 3 different sizes
– 3 Time Trial modes

# Features
– Record best completion time for each level
– Highlight number if the number of grids matches the number of label
– Highlight 2×2 grids
– “Hint” shows uncompleted islands

# Challenge
– Leaderboards for Time Trial
– Try to complete as many puzzles as possible in fixed time


What’s new in Sudoku Revolution 1.1

New Features:
– 2 New Packs including “Even-Odd” and “Hyper” Sudokus, which are easier than normal Sudoku
– Buy any 2 packs to get other packs for FREE!
– Statistics page
– Switch Memo On/Off Button
– Clear All Memo Button
– Double Tapping a cell with a single memo will set the number to the cell
– Support for iOS 6


– Even Odd Sudoku

Brown grids can only have even digits. Green grids can only have odd digits.

Read more…

Sudoku Revolution released!


Sudoku Revolution

Bored with normal Sudoku rules? Sudoku Revoltuion brings you new rules for Sudoku!

Sudoku Revolution contains several variations of Sudoku puzzles.

Basic Rule: Fill numbers in the board such that every row, column and region contains one occurrence of each number.

* Normal Mode: Basic Sudoku Rules.
* Jigsaw Mode: Regions are in arbitrary shape.
* X Mode: Each of the Main Diagonals can only contain one occureence of a number.
* Jigsaw-X Mode: Combination of Jigasw mode and X mode.

Free play through hundreds of levels.

**** Sudoku Revolution features ****

# Content
– 100 Levels for each Mode
– Each Mode divided into 3 difficulty levels
– 4 Different Modes
– 2 Modes available for purchase

# Features
– Show the occurrence of each number near the number buttons
– “Hint” auto fills the board with memo that has no direct conflicts with other numbers
– Highlight same numbers as you select a number on board
– Also Highlight memo numbers as you select a number
– Autosave the process of unfinished levels
– Record best completion time for each level

# Challenge
– Game Center Achievements
– Try to complete as many levels as possible





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