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Islands in the Stream released!!

November 15, 2012

Island in the Stream

Are you looking for a new challenge? Are you a Sudoku fan? Try Islands in the Stream.

This game is a logic puzzle with interesting rules.
The challenge is to paint each grid blue or white, subject to the following rules:
1. Each number indicated the number of grids in that island.
2. Each island must contain exactly one numbered grid.
3. There must be only one stream, which is not allowed to contain “pools”, i.e. 2×2 area of black cells.

***** Game Features *****

# Content
– More than 500 unique puzzles
– 3 different sizes
– 3 Time Trial modes

# Features
– Record best completion time for each level
– Highlight number if the number of grids matches the number of label
– Highlight 2×2 grids
– “Hint” shows uncompleted islands

# Challenge
– Leaderboards for Time Trial
– Try to complete as many puzzles as possible in fixed time


  1. Christine permalink

    I bought the islands is the stream hd for my ipad mini and it doesn’t work!!!! It tells me to update which goes to the free iphone app (smaller) and all the packs are locked! Please fix!!!!

    • Thank you for your comment. I am trying to find out what the problem is. You can ignore the update prompt now. It won’t affect the game inside. The latest version is 1.0 so there is no need to update for the moment.

      • Christine permalink

        Even if i ignore it, the game itself is not working…the free packs boards have no numbers on them and the other boards say that it cannot connect to the app store

      • Please try to delete both of the apps and download the HD version again. And the update prompt will not appear if you turn off the internet connection of your device.

      • Christine permalink

        I tried, but its still the same

      • Is the app still HD version? If it is HD version, it won’t have “free” boards, because all of the games are unlocked. If it is HD version, it has a “HD” word in the app icon.

      • Christine permalink

        It says “islands hd” and all the boards are unlocked but it still says unlock all packs at the bottom and in big letters on top it says “labels”

      • Sorry. I just tried to download the app and found out the same problem. I will fix the problem as soon as possible. Please notice it takes time for App Store to approve the update.

      • Christine permalink

        Thank you! Please let me know when its playable.

      • The problem is fixed now. You can download the updated version (1.0.1) in App Store. Thank you.

  2. Julie permalink

    I’ve got the same issue, paid for the HD version but there are no numbers displaying on the board, making it unusable.

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